State of play in two videos

The first video is one of those rare instances of someone going away and writing a script, whittling it down so that every word is vital, then delivering it staccato, crammed with notions of concern, descriptive word after descriptive word – it’s twelve minutes of intensity with no break:

But there’s an issue with Pat and it concerns his age, gender and colour – at least it’s a huge issue for most people NOT early Gen X or older, i.e. any who did not have a good education since the early 70s.

Which is precisely his point – it is what this younger demographic has been taught by Woke or Marxist professors and teachers which is so endangering western society.  Blindly.

And if you needed an example of that, it’s this Millennial woman below, who starts out with anti-corporatism and that’s fine in defining ONE of the ills besetting society today, which we’ve shown in these pages to be down to a concerted campaign from every major hijacked organisation, as Pat points out.

The scourge of crony capitalism, global monopolism, the concentration of wealth into just a few colluding hands most certainly produces Trusts, Guilds, collusion, abuses [as she points out] which are antithetical to freedom to operate [First Amendment].

Teddy Roosevelt nominally tried during his administration to tackle Trusts but his governmental interference was held by govt and corporations as an attack on freedom to operate and the hidden cabal stymying him should have been of grave concern to the nation.

In short, it’s a fraught concept, liberty/freedom, it’s just an abstract unless viewed in the context of classical liberalism, which is freedom to operate unless it can be shown to impinge on the freedom of others.

But who defines that?  Certainly our freedom to warn people, as this post does, results in clamping down on us on popular platforms run by media giants.  That doesn’t concern this young lady in the video below and while she makes a good case for anti-Trust laws, she makes no case at all for the freedoms of We The People, which is precisely what Pat Condell was saying – precisely.

I wrote a comment under her video:

The problem with this Millennial video is it quotes opportunistic, anti- democratic rats like Warren, plus various RINOs. They are global oligarchist, just as anti-freedom and anti-competition as the crony-corporatist cabal itself and the mantra is Woke communism (or communitarian totalitarianism). True conservatism, meaning free enterprise and Constitutional rights, cannot be achieved by either DemRats or RINOs, nor by Woke anti-freedom, deplatforming, cancel-cultural Millennials, brainwashed in their education since the 70s and chanting the mantra: ‘Tear it all down, kill white men.’ Anti-Americanism is hardly going to help America survive.

What have the US amendments to do with us?  Well heaps, because they precede and run counter to the UN statements [now set in rock] which all socialist govts and institutions slavishly institutionalise and push within their lands – it’s a global pandemic in its own right.

This young woman does not, in any way, openly support the breakdown of society, no … she achieves it through her prettiness, her earnest attitude, her plausibility with an argument which ignores the most vital issues which render anti-Trust irrelevant IF she equally fails to argue the vital necessity of that First Amendment for all people, worldwide.

It is a benchmark not effectively set out in any other country, except as a reflection of that First Amendment.

The anti-Trust problem is a vital one but she’s acting as though its context – First Amendment – does not exist.  That is her scholastic shoddiness right there and the deeply concerning part is how an angry old man can be ignored by the majority but her angle is seen as good and sufficient in curing society’s ills.

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  1. pete
    August 7, 2020 at 8:28 pm

    This was on an Ann Barnhardt post some days ago… she’s not sure but suspects it might be for real…

    “The Death of The Grown-Up”

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