Thoughts on Raedwald

Sackerson informed me last evening about Raedwald [Mike Neill, Radders]:

Michael will be sorely missed, even by such as myself who never met him. A battler for the truth and for our country.

Similar sentiments from many others. It’s fair to say that Sackers set the ball rolling and I followed up here and there, Nick Drew has posted and it’s a fine eulogy:

From never having met the man, there is still much to be said from his consistent, colourful and extensive blogging. He described himself as an irredeemable optimist but was also clearly a fine conservative, and the two traits don’t always coincide.

This ‘never having met the man’ motif recurs in blogging over and over and is a brief glimpse into how we operate on the net – there are those I’ve personally met but many I have not, which would surprise a keen observer as to which is which.  It also makes it that much more difficult for Them to counter us as a force.  Yet we are not the subversives, we are the patriots – the PTB are the insurgents and subversives of our way of life.  Enough on that for now.

We needed Radders for some important fights yet to come.

Oh yes we did, we surely did, the nation did, Europe did. The whole notion of us disappearing [and I include myself here sooner than many might think] does give pause and I find it difficult to write this post now.  Radders nourished obscurity, so do many bloggers but it’s not giving much away to say he’d lost his wife some time back and those sorts of things are not easy to handle.

I’ve been thinking all day how impermanent it all is, how we lose touch with people once close, how we make it difficult for them to find us whilst the baddies have tabs on us 24/7.

There’s another factor – if you look at my blogrolls, there is an ‘honour roll’ section and I for one will never delete those names – the one I went straight to was Ross Fountain last evening.  If you look, you’ll see my and other bloggers’ latest posts still up there in the sidebar, yes … today, this evening!

But the link to me is to the old version of the blog, not the current one – this is the impermanence of blogging, something we must guard against.

We lost Ross in 2015, we lost Ranty some time back, many others – Goodnight Vienna.  Was their work for nothing? I’m going to ask Radders’s younger brother if he would maintain the site, not delete it, fairly obvious why. Perhaps he could do a brief post to the effect.

As to the request to forward anything to Radders’s younger brother, that is not an issue, of course you can but I cannot give out the email as yet.  You have mine, you have Nick Drew’s and Sackers’s.

A prayer for everyone in this internet community this evening, we might think up some way to preserve his name, say an annual award, something like that.  Just thoughts.

4 comments for “Thoughts on Raedwald

  1. Dr. Sok
    August 18, 2020 at 11:35 pm

    I am actually quite pissed off about the demise of a ‘stranger’. His daily input has shaped and complimented my outlook for the past five+ years in a positive and thought provoking way and it will be missed. Bit of a shock . RIP Raedwald.

  2. Lemmi
    August 19, 2020 at 7:57 am

    Like many other blogs, this included, I was a ‘lurker’ over at Radders. I checked the site every day as I enjoyed reading his thoughts, although I didn’t agree always (only about 5% of the time). He will be missed, even I suspect by his trolls, who he always treated fairly. RIP Raedwald.

  3. Greg T
    August 23, 2020 at 3:33 pm

    I usually disagreed with him – mostly about the EU – but on many other issues he was sound & interesting

  4. Scott W
    August 24, 2020 at 11:15 pm

    A very sad loss. I started to worry a couple of weeks ago when he hadn’t posted for a couple of weeks. I followed Radders as pretty much a lurker for at least the last 10 years.

    Rest in peace Radders, you will be sorely missed.

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