“…social workers continued to monitor the pair.”

For all the good that did.

Prosecutor Ashley Edwards QC said: ‘Goldie was offered – on various occasions – the opportunity to attend parenting classes. She declined to attend.’

Goldie’s drinking became an issue causing ‘friction’ with her daughter.

‘Goldie asked for (Robyn) to be removed from her care.’

Social workers visited the pair – often un-announced – with arguing between them described as ‘common’.

The house was also said to be stinking of cat urine and, in March 2018, Robyn was then found to have a rash caused by fleas. Robyn was also described as ‘thin, dirty and unkempt’.

‘On an occasion (at the pub), Goldie was heard to say: ‘I am f***ing sick of her. I wish she would go back and stay with her gran‘.’

The court heard Robyn would also film Goldie – who slapped and bit her daughter – screaming at her.

The child told friends how drunken Goldie would offer her cannabis and alcohol while ‘constantly’ insisting she did not want her in the house.

The ‘Mail’ says that prosecutors have accepted the mother’s not guilty plea to the culpable homicide of her daughter. I wonder how the social workers will plead?

I mean, they are being charged with the same offence, surely?

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  1. August 29, 2020 at 1:50 pm

    “The opportunity to attend …”

    Like it.

    • September 1, 2020 at 2:04 pm

      Most decent parents who are struggling, or even those who are having ‘bedtime’ or ‘behaviour’ issues, would welcome the opportunity to attend a parenting class. As parents none of us are perfect and sometimes the addition of outside information can ‘fill in any gaps’ in knowledge that a parent may have. After all children, wonderful and wonderfully turbulent as they are, don’t come with instruction manuals. The social workers should have been alerted that there was a problem when the parent refused to engage with the offer of a parenting class as refusal of a parenting class when offered can be seen as the parent being ‘non cooperative’ with social services.

      As a person, along with my wife who prayed for a miracle baby at the Western Wall in Jerusalem and were eventually blessed with a baby boy, stories like this of parents who really can’t give a toss really make me angry. We suffered and slogged and prayed for a child who is much loved, yet scum like this produce children whom they are not only disinterested in, but whom they actively hate.

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