The West Riding has fallen

My family home is very close to where this sign is and therefore this is more than mortifying, it’s soul destroying.  I’d no idea it had become this bad:

Strangely, when I went back to the West Riding a few years ago now, the issue was not the M.E. part of BAME, it was the B and I’ve already told the tale of being in a cafe down from the canal when a gang of kids from a local school came in and that was it – they drove the few customers in there out with their behaviour.

Heading along the canal path towards Bradford, various people spoke to me about how bad it had become and the place where it really started turning sour was just beyond Shipley – I’d not be wanting to go any further it was suggested.

The MP of the area, Phillip Davies, has clearly done nothing to keep the area indigenous, made no noises to the PM, which is a shame but he’s not alone.  The whole thing has overtones of the overrunning of Hobbiton and the Shire but that still does not address the issue of the sign itself.

All right, moving on, there was first an unsubstantiated denial but I’d concluded that from TinEye myself and was waiting for something better than a gainsaying.

Supplied by FoS:

Er… this photo is a fake – I remember discussing it when it surfaced some years ago. Some faker photoshopped some arabic nonsense (not even urdu nonsense, let alone the names of the towns) onto a Google maps roadsign. No arabic or urdu writer would left-range text for a start.

As a West Riding lad myself, I share your sentiments but the image is still a fake.

I can go and dig up chapter and verse if you want.

As I know him, let’s accept that and instead, look at these:

And how did this get to be an MP?

And what of this?

And this:

Case rests.

Now to today’s rally which was always going to be interesting because the heavier people on this side of the argument were always going to be targetted by combined Plod, terrorists, brainwashed left and some residents together, I can’t see how the bovver boys were going to prevail with that stacked against them.

Saw one report from the anti-invader side saying it was never going to work for the cause of stopping this torrent … waiting now for other reports to come in.

Here’s one:

2 comments for “The West Riding has fallen

  1. Errol
    September 6, 2020 at 7:45 pm

    If the Mayor of Folkestone supports uncontrolled illegal gimmigration then he can put two dozen up in his home and pay to feed, house and clothe them. Not from expenses as no doubt this thief would immediately assume, but form his own pocket. After all, we should pay for what we want.

    • September 6, 2020 at 7:49 pm

      Errol, by way of reply, I must post this by reader Twisted Root, it puts it all in perspective:

      “Can’t get angry about the Dover protest shenanigans. It was as predictable as the day is long.

      It helps to think of illegal immigration as racketeering. Big bucks every step of the way. Pay offs for border officials and Kent shore contacts, hotel chains with fully booked rooms which would otherwise be empty, employment for immigration officials and the big pay off is clients for government services including police and criminal justice. No one loses except the ordinary citizen and even then some of them know at some level that the housing market operates on supply and demand like any other market. How likely are they to go protesting at Dover?

      Along comes ordinary Joe concerned citizen to express his disapproval, as innocent as the day is long, stepping right into the middle of a bunch of crooks with serious enforcement (police, Antifa) and silencing and slander power (media).

      Let’s not forget that one side depends on the other to keep the racket going. I’m not suggesting anyone protesting against immigration is insincere in their beliefs, but for some it is, or has become, a living and a way of life.

      Remember Robert Relph? Refused to sell his house to a black person? Maybe he had more integrity that the scolds who universally condemned him as racist put together. He would forego the extra demand and higher price for his beliefs, right or wrong, whilst everyone else could only see pound signs and a more comfortable retirement.

      Stop the greed, stop immigration. Then one can go to Dover for a theatrical performance.”

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