Common Sense from a Trade Union

We, here in these windswept Islands, have had, certainly for the last thirty years, political leadership in the form of either chancers, liars, fools, charlatans and, in the past few months, a man who is, in many respects, a combination of all those traits mentioned previously. But no matter how bad Prime Minister Johnson proves himself to be, he is just following on from the dismal history of those who were in power over those last thirty-odd years. All those political leaders, inclusive of Johnson himself, the class buffoon whom we were all taken in by, myself as well as millions of others; all seem to be enamoured of only one phrase, one saying which seems to have ruled their every waking thought.

The phrase? World Beating: or, as an alternate; World Leading. The stupid and unrealistic term ‘World Leading’ when it comes to British Politics and Politicians, cast together in an insane race to accomplish what is foolishly-termed ‘Zero-Carbon Economy by 2050; is but typical of the soundbites produced by the present breed of British politicians; together with an incompetent and near useless so-called Civil Service.

There have been times, in our past history, when we were ‘World Leaders; or indeed World Beaters’. But those British leaders, either in the time of the Industrial Revolution, or  the years of the Napoleonic Wars; when Britain stood alone against a ruthless Continental Dictator: or not so long ago, when these Islands again stood alone in defiance of yet another Dictator, did not consider their actions or policies to evolve because they wished to ‘Lead’.

No, indeed, the Engineering genius which powered that ‘bloodless Revolution’ was powered by profit; because the cotton mills which emerged because fabric could be spun and manufactured far cheaper than by hand: and the canals and later railway lines were built so that that cotton; that coal, those mountains of manufactured goods could be sold cheaper than ever.

We stood against a French dictator alone, because we couldn’t accept  that ‘Might was Right’; and; after smashing his navies at Trafalgar sent him into final exile after Waterloo.

Again we here in these British Isles, stood against the practiced and polished might of Hitler’s Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe; but this time were aided by a host, from Empire, from Commonwealth, from the fortunate European few who had escaped from the invading Nazi mechanised divisions. We were lucky that the man who stated his ‘Reich’ would last for a thousand years was no military genius. Instead of concentrating upon invasion of these Islands: turned instead to invade his mortal enemy, Soviet Russia; and then, to compound his mistake, declared war upon the sleeping Giant which was America, just stung into an angry wakefulness by Japan’s attack at Pearl Harbour.

But to return to the lunacy which is the various British Governments’ attempt to reduce us all to penury by means of the Climate Change Act. I wonder, when the 463 MPs voted for the Bill, with only 3 voting against, had they even read the bloody Bill? Did the 463 realise that ALL gas- and coal-fired powered power stations would fall silent, because of ’All that Carbon’ produced by the truly terrible burning of a fossil-fuel derivative? Did the 463 MPs realise that all private cars would HAVE  to be electrical battery-powered by 2045 to meet the ridiculous demands of a Zero Carbon Marketplace? And as for the British transport fleets, those hundreds of thousands of trucks: all would have to be Battery-powered; or else adapted to some form of motive power which hasn’t even been invented yet?

Did the 463 MPs wonder about the cost of all those extra Nuclear power stations which HAVE to form the base load requirements of a Grid necessary to CHARGE all those millions of battery-powered vehicles. Nuclear because they don’t rely on the wind blowing those heavily-subsidised turbine blades spinning all those alternators’. Nuclear because when the sun goes down, all those heavily-subsidised solar panels, which only operate at some 50% efficiency anyway because we’re sited at a Latitude between 50and 600 North: which places us on the same Latitudes as Canada, are as useful as tits on a bull.

Oh, and just by-the-by; did those 463 MP.s realise that, in order to go Zero-Carbon, all 23 million domestic gas boilers would have to be replaced by, well; something else? They can’t all be electric, because, well, the National Grid would have to DOUBLE its present capacity to run those extra boilers, and besides which, electric boilers are three times as expensive as gas ones, just to install, never mind to run. But the truly silliest idea to come down the Carbonised Looney-Tunes Track is the proposal, coming from the august Dept. for Energy that Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP)  be installed as a direct replacement for Gas-fired Boilers. When you realise that the costs of a single GSHP installation is around £27,500.00, you may then realise why the GMB Union, the BOILERMAKERS union, are pleading with Keir Starmer to block this disastrous and ludicrous proposal!

Its at times like this that I wish we had our own version of President Donald Trump. He might be many things, he might have said many things, but only Trump took America out of the Paris Climate Agreement, because he viewed it for the fraud it really is!

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  1. September 12, 2020 at 7:27 pm

    We’re certainly “world leaders” in the march towards totalitarianism, along with the Australian State of Victoria.

  2. John in Cheshire
    September 12, 2020 at 9:18 pm

    Mike, I have a theory that 40+ years of being in the EU has degraded the quality of people we have elected to serve us.

    It’s my hope that once we are fully out of the EU and having to make our own decisions, out of necessity we’ll have to find better people.

    Assuming that’s even part correct, it’s probably going to take 10 or so years to flush out the dross.

  3. Pete the Other
    September 13, 2020 at 7:49 pm

    This has been going on a lot longer than you think. In the 1930s, we were ‘leading the world’ in pacifism, while the world was busy working up to World War II. There was the famous Oxford Union debate where the motion that ‘This House will under no circumstances fight for its King and Country”. There was a series of naval treaties, largely ignored by many of the other signatories (the ones who became the Axis), where Britain agreed to limit its navy to a shadow of its old self. Indeed, in the hope that further cuts could be agreed in a new treaty, the one new battleship class being built was deliberately under-armed in line with the proposals. Likewise, the Army went to war with the same rifles they had had in 1914-18. I could go on. The nonsense didn’t stop until Churchill became prime minister, and resumed immediately afterwards.

  4. Edward Spalton
    September 14, 2020 at 7:46 pm

    John in Cheshire.
    I was driven to oppose our membership of the EEC in 1972 by our rotten treatment of our friends in New Zealand. We could no longer buy their excellent milk powder but had to buy European at a far higher price in a complicated subsidy system,
    Just in the last few weeks, the New Zealand minister in charge of trade negotiations remarked that the British negotiating team were not “ Match fit” He put it down to our sojourn in the EEC/EU where all that sort of thing was done for us and said we were “like a team which hadn’t had an outing recently”

    So I think you are very probably right

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