Millie Weaver revisited

A couple of people have been asking about Millie Weaver – what’s happened since her release – and this is a complicated topic, not straightforward in the least.

These are some factors:

1. There is so much going on right now, the other side are crowding us with things to confront and overcome, there are some in high places seeming to move, e.g. Priti Patel, but they’re empty rhetoric on the issue, which is infuriating to people wanting to see justice done.

2. At core level, people are fighting to keep their own families afloat, themselves, the population of the dissident side – us – are aging and have ailments, also our own issues are crowding in, mine are today as well, much of this is deliberate from the ‘hidden govt’, keep us from having any time to do things, creating little problems for people to solve, let alone the big one of income – look what’s happening to jobs.

We are, by necessity, concerned with our own homes first, very real threats to those, very fearful of what will happen, then we are ideologically from different places.

3. Ideologically, former allies split because of false prophets – the Tory Party are a perfect example of quislings woven through the ranks and whereas I would have instantly publicised this before:

Bruges Group
Online Conference
Friday, 18th September
3pm until 4.30pm
Leaving the EU
Facts and Fiction

Register for the meeting and watch online

Lectures: 3pm – 4pm
Discussion: 4pm – 4.30pm

… the lack of concern for our issues – the invasion and the vaccines – means we are looking elsewhere. In my case, I still very much support TFA, TPA, Bruges Group, the Bow Group in general, it never changed but it did modify.

Against that, they never campaigned on the invasion, it was always economic and political, whereas we’re social and political.  But even worse is me bringing in Christianity, the underpinning of our society until a few decades back and I was just an average boy growing up, vaguely part of that tradition, which is now unpopular it seems.

4.  It’s not just because we are disparate people from all walks and our angles are different, but where we’re coming from is different, our concerns are differently weighted, not every commenter at our blogs agrees with others on many points. And very few would like my angle which says we are facing a fundamental good v evil right now.

There are two examples which immediately spring to mind.  One is Tommy Robinson and the traitors to him in Caolan Robertson and his offsider – I always thought they were suss but said nothing – and then we get onto Mark Collett and Laura Towler.

Whereas TR and also us rightly focused on Islam and the invasion which proceeds apace each day at Dover and other places, these two just mentioned not only focus differently on the Pakis as a nation, the Somalis, and not wrongly either, but they then put down the other side of it – the ideology driving all these people on.

Then someone whispers ‘Jew’ at Ezra Levant and thus TR, while For Britain follows a rainbow agenda no Christian can follow, nor many others on the right and so you see the very thing happening which is biblical by the way – confusion and confounding.  We’re not organised like the forces arrayed against us, we’re not vicious and destructive like them, most of us fail to see what is really going down and how bad these people truly are.

When we look at 911, 7/7, BLM, Antifa, we often see it there but dismiss it as piecemeal rather than what it is – part of the broader campaign, the Great Work of Ages.

We are split.

And into all this, someone like Millie Weaver gets left behind.

Ok, have watched the Millie clip again.

First point regarding rights etc. is yes, there was a gross violation of procedure and overkill for the nature of the offence, timing etc., the judge was corrupt, sheriff etc. The ‘I’ve been more than nice’ was rubbish, he had violated normal law.

I agree we must stand up to all this. More are speaking out about this or that but most are sheep, scared sheep.

The problem in her case was that the law was right in some respects. What the brother was doing behind the house was iffy at the time of the mother’s complaint and if you look at her tatts on the left arm, do you know a mother who does that? They’re a family used to rough house solutions, solving matters physically.

But none of that comes to anything when you look at how the law proceeded – quite out of order, out of line and it’s not a town noted for its finesse – DemRat officials for a start.

Against that though, a woman called De Anna someone I think it was who took Millie’s spot with Alex Jones painted a very different picture about Millie’s behaviour and the men around her. Who can say? Most in the dissident right camp – us – are a bit suspicious about Alex Jones and that’s the issue. Even DR held off here and was not sure on this one.

Her current silence?  That’s easy enough – if she speaks out, she violates the corrupt judge’s order and they have a lever – taking away her child. Also, what of that woman who is advising and feeding Millie with her material?  She did not come over all that well to us.

In a nutshell:

Them’s main threats are identified, then infiltrated with plausible fellow warriors but then those infiltrators start doing strange things, saying strange things, which can only harm the cause.

Them use anything to paint us as extreme anyway and leap on such things- you saw it in Icke’s appearance at the rally.

The Tommy R thing burnt most of us because his inner circle were actually against, were ripping him off, he was naive, TR. Then this Mark Collett came into it, another tale.

So suspicious minds don’t combine, can’t combine. Plus people listen less and less over time, they forget why they were boycotting something.

Now look at my post on vaccines yesterday. Very little reaction – why?  Well there’s a personal factor here, is there not?

I have a whole other lot of material on dualism waiting to go up and what will that do to anyone heeding what I write? Any with a bit of trad faith will know exactly what I’m writing.

So yes, if people don’t speak out, they go under, we know that and yet everyone’s unsure of others in the camp – confuse and confound.

Americans speak out far more than Brits but in France, you might think they’ve gone back to being sheep.  That’s because we’ve almost forgotten about the yellow jacket protests, it all swamped by the other street issues.

Looked for Millie’s output on youtube, her latest, there isn’t one. Someone called Vive Frei has commentary.  I did see something from her on Twitter so looked just now, remembering that the Twitter search engine is controlled.

Some guy called Ali Alexander is right at the top:

For those keeping track of our investigations

Kamala Harris… changed “Black” from “African American”
Millie Weaver… fraud exposed
Gavin Wince… fraud exposed
Tore Lindeman… stolen valor case
Travis Pangburn… pedooooooo

Whoa, hold on – what fraud was exposed? I saw no fraud exposed. ‘Ali’? Who’s he working for?

You see the issue? Here’s Millie’s site:

Reporter & Journalist *MillennialMillie on Youtube*, proud Christian [cross emoji] proud American [flag]

Just look who that will turn off – firstly, anyone on the left, also the cabal in its entirety, plus well over half of our dissident side who won’t have a bar of the cross under any circumstances.

Again – you’re getting the idea, aren’t you?

This is her latest full-on report, there was a later one commenting on the middle-east event:

Let’s leave Millie for now and look at this young lady in a tweet:

For those who can’t access that, she mentioned a 6 year old boy, son of the policewoman shot, begging his mother not to die, while BLM white kids chanted outside where they were blocking access to her that they wanted her to die, the mother.

The girl in this clip said that the NFL allowed teams to kneel, to bow down to that very terror group and she went on – if you can’t see a problem with that, then YOU’RE the problem.

The NFL, of course, and plenty of leftists supporting them, say it’s not about any violence and lawless behaviour – BLM are not lawless anyway, they just want to stop racism.

Anyone saying that IS the problem, I agree with the narrator of the clip. Most people would agree with her on that.

So where’s the national and worldwide outcry? It’s muted. Why?  For ALL the reasons given in these two posts, plus others you can no doubt think of.

Look at my own posts on ‘Plod’.  Plod have been behaving appallingly … towards us specifically … so therefore our response is muted.  And yet that girl narrator is not wrong, not in the least.

One last time back to Millie – have a look at this woman’s tweet:

Straight down the line, sort of thing we’ve been posting, same as Millie herself. OK, try this one:

Whoa – different complexion on things, eh? She is Millie’s replacement with AJ whom most of us are suspicious about now.

Yet she is dropped by AJ? Redemption in our eyes? She’s the one who was the most vocal against Millie.

OK, how would you stop my message from being heard, drive a wedge in? How about this from my testimonial page:

The Higham fellow is a pathetic, sick individual. He embodies every bit of superstitious belief, ritual, taboo, violence, viciousness, exploitation, and ignorance of any creed known to man. What an ignorant philistine he is. Imprecate vocabulary always is.

That was written by one of the dear Socialist Workers but I bet there’ll be those on the Tory or libertarian side who’d go along with it. Again – you see the obstacles to us combining?

If Millie and De Anna are not charlatans, are not frauds, then why aren’t they combining? Why aren’t we combining to take on the real enemy?


5 comments for “Millie Weaver revisited

  1. Lew
    September 16, 2020 at 12:38 pm

    Until we adopt that old and true ”my enemy is my enemy’s enemy” was will always be divided and beaten.

    I offer just one of many examples.

    You only have to mention the BNP and immediately the words odious and vile are fired back at you, it became amusing in that you couldn’t see writ or hear those three letters anywhere without ‘odious’ preceeding.
    I too had issues with some of their membership policies, but you had to look at why they were careful about membership, otherwise they would have been infiltrated by a fifth column and like other movements destroyed from within.

    They shouldn’t have worried, Farage takes credit for detroying them, and look what happened there to UKIP and the last minute of pulling the rug from under TBP candidates.

    That’s just one example, until we accept each other as believers in nation and freedom of that nation to choose its own course, and also accept that whilst we might have differences about some things we are broadly wanting similar things, we will always be divided and therefore taken down easily.

    It doesn’t help that genuinely conservatively (old school Labour being more conservative than the present Tory shower) minded people tend to be hard working non violent and through their hard work try their best to forge a decent life for themselves and their families, so conservatives generally have much to lose if the other side or their henchmen decide they must be cancelled, when i say much i don’t mean BBC star presenter lifestyles and jobs, i mean they will have worked all hours God sent from the start probably bought their homes and might even have a couple of quid in a savings account, this makes them easy targets.

    If state sponsored goons come along and smash their lives up no one will care, others on the right whilst disgusted and sympathetic naturally relieved it wasn’t them this time.

    I don’t have any answers i’m afraid, other than to try to see past the faults in other potential allies, none of us are perfect and for all the faults we might see, reported on endlessly, in others, they will also see the glaring faults in us that we can’t.

  2. Voice of Reason
    September 16, 2020 at 11:01 pm

    At his divorce hearing, Alex Jones said that it was all an act, and the stories on Info Wars are all fake.

    • September 17, 2020 at 7:40 am

      Again, you can’t just assert without the data – do you have the link, is it a trusted source or from the left?

      • Distant Relative
        September 17, 2020 at 11:05 am

        Kelly Jones, AJ’s ex-wife during a child custody hearing claimed in court that he wasn’t stable:

        Jones is battling his ex-wife, Kelly Jones, for custody of their 14-year-old son and two daughters, aged 12 and 9.

        “He’s not a stable person. He says he wants to break Alec Baldwin’s neck. He wants [Jennifer Lopez] to get raped,” Kelly Jones said in court, according to the American-Statesman.

        “He broadcasts from home. The children are there, watching him broadcast.”

        Over the next two weeks, a jury will be asked to ascertain if Jones’s on-air persona is different from his off-air persona, and if he’s fit to be a parent.

        Several segments from Jones’s show has been played to the jury.

        As a counter argument AJ’s lawyer stated AJ was a “performance artist” and “playing a character”.

        Infowars founder and host Alex Jones is “playing a character,” his lawyer argued during a recent custody hearing surrounding his three children.

        “He is a performance artist,” Jones’s attorney, Randall Wilhite, argued to a Texas judge, according to a report in the Austin American-Statesman.

        Widely reported at the time.

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