The Woke global left snuffing out freedom

The strangest thing is that the old left at university level were once all for freedom, stopping oppression, equality of opportunity and the baddies were Them in their suits and Stetsons – I was part of the young left. This sort of thing was ours:

We believed the communist MLK was all for lifting oppression, taking down the good ole boys, smashing capitalism but with age and maturity, we began to look at the centre-right with new eyes. No change with the good ole boys of crony capitalism – the Soroses and robber barons – they’re still the same but we woke up that many on our former side were not so nice after all – see Antifa, BLM today, Weathermen, Bader Meinhof – even Che Guevara was a murdering thug.

And worse, they’re run by the very cabal the left once ranted against. I ran a university student newspaper and you can be sure it resembled socialist workers rags. We never thought to look into where our funding was coming from.

The worst aspect is that as we left the left and grew up, the cabal funding did not and non-thinkers whose egos were massaged, the Patty Hearsts and Lewis Hamiltons were spouting utter claptrap:

… not even logical claptrap:

Does he have no concept that the immigrants would throw the gays off the roof, rape the student girls and women, bash any white student or in fact any hated whites, even grandmothers or grandfathers, are quite happy to throw an 8 year old boy off a building?

And the sickest joke of all is that the cabal pays the white kids to do much of the dirty work.  Being idle due to both benefits and Covid, what else is there to do but for well fed dying middle-class kids [the demographic dying to an extent because of their own mindset and actions] but to smash shop windows, lie in front of traffic, spew out bile and then accuse the victims of racism or whatever?

This is one take on what the two sides are concerned with:

You see ‘open society’ in there, meaning a real open society where the indigenous and guests from overseas can enjoy freedom of speech, thought, worship without the stasi monitoring them for arrest or bashing.

Or loss of their job. Have a look at this one:

Timbo might be less concerned about that but in fact it’s the completion of the march through the institutions and the imposition of Onethink.  If you do not at least pay lip service to it or stay shtum at a minimum, then you’re soon without a job.

I’ve seen it in action.  Training some years back for the CAB, I saw at first hand, not just the claptrap and waste of A4 paper they churned out but how they do not permit any quizzical question about their guiding principles and those principles are maybe two-thirds the nitty-gritty of law in the UK and one-third pure indoctrination.

The men and women sitting around the table with me were either taken in by it – young women were the worst – or else they stayed shtum.

I’ve heard feedback from many in the workplace and it’s the same story.  A supervisor is only ever appointed once his or her bona fides are established ideologically.

Here’s a good example:

And of course, they have weaseled their way into taking over all media with their child trafficking and drug profits deep coffers, in order to snuff out all dissent:

More spuriously, there is the aping of others:

Coming back to Hamilton, always a w***er but at least it was under control, along comes the BLM thing and he thinks he can do anything at all:

I’ve used the word a few times but the long and the short of it is that these are appalling people. As trustworthy as snakes, watch your backs.

There’s this most curious phenomenon that the worse the left become, the more they fall away into appalling, illogical antisocial psychopathy, the other side – the respectable with skeletons in their closets [and that’s all of us] – have moved in a polarised way in the other direction and become veritable saints, very quickly abandoning our hedonism and things all humans do anyway.

So we have this bizarre situation, illustrated above, that the Woke left have gone ‘badder than bad’ and the centre-right workers, middle-class and just above, all who have skeletons, just as I have, somehow are now all angels, scathing about all the badness. Bizarre.

There was a tweet about Trump along those lines:

Whether or not the Donald has reformed or it’s just a ploy by Hope Hicks and Mike Pence hardly matters – the point is that the whole religion is based on saving the lost and atoning.

It’s all too melodramatic for me – quite certain that the baddies are not all that bad 100% of the time on the woke left and the whiter than white right is not 100% good, despite doing all the right things just now.

None of that matters though because the stark reality is the Woke left and its puppetmaster cabal are taking us all down unless something turns it around very soon.

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