All blogs, plus the MSM, are bound by statutory policies required by law (further down) but there is just one of our own:

You are most welcome here, but please do not insult your hosts or other commenters, otherwise a spell in the “sin bin” might eventuate, if the (three) administrators are agreed.

We prefer this to be a place where people can drop in and engage without being subjected to personal attacks.

Fine to say an idea is rubbish (providing you also supply data supporting why) but that’s quite different to a campaign of vitriol.

The law

There are some statutory policies we’re required to mention by law:

  • No libel
  • No breach of copyright
  • No pornography
  • Others below

Privacy and cookies

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) indicates that new cookie compliance rules came into force on 26th May, 2012.

They indicate that “implied consent is a valid form of consent” and therefore Orphans of Liberty would like readers/users to understand that using this site might result in cookies being used.

The EU’s new GDPR

This is covered in this post:


No other notice is given and presence of the “Policies” link in the Navbar is sufficient.

Sub-judice and injunction

In the light of this news item on Feb 25th, 2016:


… and the explanation on this site:


… a close reading shows that we are as bound by rules of sub judice and injunction as we are by defamation, copyright and obscenity.

The burden, under law, for users to know blog policies

It’s not enough for just the admins and contributors to know the policies on this page, readers are also required, by law, to bear policies in mind in comments.

There are no other pages on this site about our policies.

If the three admins feel there has been a breach which would have OoL in trouble, the comment in question will be deleted without notice. In practice, we’d usually explain why but do reserve the right not to, as further comment itself might be in breach as well.


Attempts at extortion or chantage will be met with the rejoinder in Arkell v Pressdram:


Technical issues

This is not so much a policy as something which gets in the way from time to time and when it does, it can upset a reader. Due to vagaries in the ether, somewhere between WordPress, the anti-spam, the theme and occasionally the server, comments can get lost.

The admins do check the site’s spam queue daily and have found comments from regulars in there (furious scratching of heads as to why), which is annoying. Readers – please assume a tech glitch first when comments do not appear.

[Policy page last amended Feb 18, 2017]